My 2 Cents: The Bridge to Somewhere…

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I was out with a buyer client last week looking at some properties in the Gowanus catchment area and found myself standing on the very quaint and small-townie Carroll Street bridge. What a fantastic structure! The mechanism that makes it swing out of the way so water borne traffic can make passage is clearly visible from the walkway of the bridge. The cables, wheels and spindles are both brawny and simple. I’m not sure how long the bridge will remain in its current form, but one thing I do know is that this area is on a one way path that will see the replacement of light industry and commercial use with residential uses sooner than one might think. If your housing needs are anything but short term and you are looking for hidden value I would suggest taking a look at buying opportunities in or adjacent to this neighborhood. Care does need to be taken though as some sellers and their brokers are getting a little ahead of themselves with regards to pricing. That said there are properties that are priced right and give you room post-acquisition to invest in the necessary improvements. Let me know if you would like us to bring opportunities we feel might be worth pursuing to your attention, if you are not receiving them already.

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